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Meteorite identification can be done using simple techniques, but confirmation require the performance of other more advanced analyzes. For that here we share the latest classifications just complete.

The identification of meteorites does not compromise that advanced techniques can vary sensibly or totally the appreciations obtained by petrography. The final official confirmation of the type of each meteorite must be given exclusively in the final classification process, where advanced nuclear techniques are used in the analyzes (geochemistry, isotopes, etc.). However, remember that even when a meteorite is classified with a specific type, it can undergo reclassification at any time, even when its typology has been made official at The Met. Bull.  

We are working exclusively with astromaterials.  The terrestrial rocks are not relevant in the purposes of our services, the appraisals being merely indicative. 


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Welcome to Meteorites Lab

Welcome to METEORITES LAB,  for petrographic studies, and also preparation and conservation of astromaterials and geological samples (rocks, fossils, lavas, etc) for scientists and collectors, and classification of new meteorites in The Meteoritical Bulletin. Quite often I receive notifications from people who believe they have found a meteorite, and turn to me for study. For this reason, there is a Research protocol to which I can receive your samples for study and classification of astromaterials. Then I leave the information regarding this research protocol and how to proceed to submit your samples for analyses. Curation services are also offered for the preservation, documentation and preparation of samples. Uncovered thin section preparation service for the classification of meteorites and rock petrography sections for educational purposes.  AVOID LEGAL TROUBLES.   The identification of meteorites by petrographic techniques does not compromise that advanced techniques can vary