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In order to perform petrographic analyzes, it is necessary to pay the laboratory fees.

Payment must be made before receipt of the sample, as otherwise it can be separated and discarded.


48 €UROS (each sample).
Lots of 10 or more samples will enjoy a 25% discount.

Payment must be made through deposit or bank transfer in checking account of ING DIRECT;
(Request bank details by e-mail.) or PAYPAL.


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Welcome to Meteorites Lab

Petrographic Laboratory of Meteorites (LPMCM) is the heart of the Canary Museum of Meteorites, and therefore we work on the study and analysis of meteorite samples.

Quite often we receive notifications from people who believe they have found a meteorite, and turn to us for study. For this, this center has a Research protocol to which they can receive their samples for study and certification if necessary.

Then we leave the information regarding this research protocol and how to proceed to access the study of your samples.

On the pages of this website you will find all the information for the submission of samples to the laboratory.