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Fees & Shipment

In order to perform petrographic analyzes, it is necessary to pay the laboratory fees.

Payment must be done before receipt the sample, as otherwise it can be separated and discarded.


50 €UROS (each sample).  

Payment by PayPal charge 54.50 €uros due to PayPal commision.
Samples from SAHARA, can obtain a personal discount. Contact us for information and conditions; 
Payment must be done through deposit or bank transfer in checking account of ING DIRECT;
(Request bank details by e-mail.) or PAYPAL to

For X RAY FLUORESCENCE analyses, the Tax rate is 120 €uros. This is another service you can order regardless of the main analysis.


Next you will need to enter, together with each sample, a card data, which will reflect the requested data of the complete piece (total mass, place and date of purchased or found, your mail and other interested data), that will be necessary for the case of positive result.

Pack the samples well, and then send them by the postal service to;


Please, DO NOT USE CHRONOPOST or FEDEX AGENCY to send samples.  

The best agencies to send samples are DHL or AMANA INTERNATIONAL, even CORREOS or NATIONAL POSTAL SERVICE.

If the postal service requires any other information for the shipment, do not hesitate to contact us.
IMPORTANT: Make sure that the shipment will not generate invoices or payments at the destination. Otherwise it will be returned for resending by other means. The shipment must not generate reimbursement expenses or invoices of value in the laboratory. 

When we receive your shipment we will contact you. DON’T FORGET TO SEND US YOUR E-MAIL WITH THE SAMPLES. You can print and use the follow template. 



Shipments cannot generate invoices or payments at the destination, to avoid this it is very important to do things well in the DECLARATION OF CONTENT AND VALUE FOR CUSTOMS.

For this purpose, when you send your samples, the content must be declared as follows.



Never exceed this value, since the content is still unknown as well as its real value, and this must be adjusted to the simple customs procedure.

In the event that the shipment generates some type of invoice or payment at destination, it will be communicated to you for the payment of the same. Otherwise it will be returned to origin.


The reception and analysis of rock samples in Spain is totally and absolutely LEGAL. There are no destruction of rock samples, nor are there any confiscations. Geology, in all its branches (research, science, collecting, trade, export or import) are guaranteed by Spanish laws.


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