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Petrographic Services

METEORITES LAB is specialist in preparing thin sections for meteorites petrography. But I also cover the preparation of samples and thin sections of rocks for geology (students and professionals), working with rocks, fossils, meteorites, etc.

The thin sheets or thin sections are preparations that are made in rocks for study with a petrographic microscope, and that consist of slices of the rock of a minimum thickness that are adhered to glass sheets by means of epoxy resin. The goal of preparing a thin sheet is to allow light to pass through. The petrographic microscope has a polarizer that converts the light it emits into polarized light, an analyzer, which is a lens that polarizes the light perpendicular to the polarizer. Observations can be made with or without the analyzer on. When a thin sheet is observed under the microscope, the light passes through the polarizer and once polarized it passes through the thin sheet and reaches the analyzer (if activated) and then the observer. From the observation, with and without an analyzer, of the different properties of minerals in thin sheets, their identification can be achieved. In our service catalog you can find the following;

THIN SECTIONING (maximum 1 x 2 cm). Mounted on a 25.4 x 76.2 mm (1 "x 3") glass slice. Variable preparation time, according to workload. SIMPLE THIN SECTION; The rock is required to be laminated. USE; petrographic study of materials. PRICE; € 25 per finished section.

DISGREGATED SOILS; The materials are compacted in resin, and then rolled into a thin section. PRICE; € 25 per finished section. POLISHED AND DOUBLE-POLISHED UNCOVERED THIN SECTION; Special for SEM, BSE, RAMAN, XRF analysis, etc. It is not covered. Just finished, polished and cleaned for analysis (Please, do not touch the prepared slice). PRICE; € 40 per finished section.

URGENT PREPARATION; Please contact me for urgent thin section preparations (prices and dates).

IMPORTANT NOTE; Some sections may be damaged due to delicate work (risk factor; 8 %). Therefore, please provide enough material to carry out the thin sectioning work in case we need to repeat the operation. If not necessary, the excess material will be returned. Prices do not include return shipping cost. Please check the shipping costs beforehand. Thanks.


The petrographic report of requested thin sections is written. This service allows you to obtain the petrographic analysis report of the sections you want to study. If you are interested, you should indicate this service together with the order of your thin section. It is issued in PDF format. Sending by email. PRICE; € 35.


To presenting petrographic information, I offer you a Digital photomicrography and digital film images of thin sections in XPL and PPL. Delivered electronically via Drive or WeTransfer.

Starting at € 20 each sample (20 pictures).

Video XPL-PPL, 20 €.

Contact for more information and orders. 


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