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If it is a single sample, of considerable size there are several ways to take samples. The appropriate procedure would be to cut a fragment using a dremel with an ultra-fine diamond disk, if it does not have, a grinder can be used. You can also try to detach a piece with the help of a chisel or screwdriver, and even using a hammer, avoiding damaging the sample.

In the case that they are several smaller pieces, a complete piece can be used as a sample, for example, if you want several pieces of the same nature to be analyzed, you can send one of them as a sample, as long as they meet the minimum measures that They are requested for analysis (see below).
Once the sample is recovered, wrap it in well-protected cotton, put it in a sample bottle (it can be bought in pharmacies, for urine tests, for example) and send them to the laboratory (below you will find where to send them).


Samples for petrographic study should weight AT LEAST 10 GRAMS, and it will have a useful surface area of at least 2 x 2 centimeters, sufficient to allow the preparation of a polished piece and at least a thin section of quality. Do not be afraid to affect the value of the copy (if it were authentic). Sample extraction is a mandatory routine in any analytical process. The Laboratory WILL NOT ADMIT minor or disintegrated samples. Refrain from sending land or minor fragments of the marked measure, as they may be discarded ipso facto, given the impossibility of working with them. It is possible that if the sample is insufficient, you will be asked for a larger quantity to be able to make the laboratory preparations.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT TO RECEIVE THE COMPLETE ROCK, just a useful sample for the study.


It depends on the workload of the laboratory, and the payment of fees. If at the time of receipt of the sample the payment was not made, it is placed in the reception queue. If paid, go directly to the laboratory. Usually between 15 and 21 days (after receiving the sample and the payment of the fee) the laboratory results have come out and you can communicate whether or not it is a meteorite. Sometimes in two or three days the study may be ready. But in any case, it depends on the workload.


METEORITES LAB will issue a petrography report ONLY in case of positive samples. Negative samples will be reported in an unfavorable report. The reports will be marked with a unique telematic registration number, so we can send it to you in PDF format by email and you can print it as many times as you need. The registration of the report in the book of acts of the Laboratory may be verified at any time by contacting the Lab.


The identification of meteorites does not compromise that advanced techniques can vary sensibly or totally the appreciations obtained by petrography. The final official confirmation of the type of each meteorite must be given exclusively in the final classification process, where advanced nuclear techniques are used in the analyzes (geochemistry, isotopes, etc.). However, remember that even when a meteorite is classified with a specific type, it can undergo reclassification at any time, even when its typology has been made official at The Met. Bull.

Please, note that the testing service is to determine if a sample is a meteorite or not. If it is a meteorite, I suggest you to do the official classification submitting it to the Nomenclature Commettee of The Meteoritical Society.  Anyway, if the sample is not a meteorite, we go no further. There are more than 5000 terrestrial mineral species, and their identification is outside of the scope of this service.


1º.- To be officially recognized as authentic.
2º.- To increase its economic value, in view of its possible sale to collectors and institutions and so that having its official recognition, interested buyers can make their purchase with confidence and guarantee of authenticity.
3º.- To be able to classify it internationally and so that a sample can be left for scientific research, if so desired by its owner.
4º.- Certified meteorites enjoy a unique prestige, having been studied and their characteristics documented and certified in their authenticity.


 Meteroites Lab will issue a study report corresponding to the specimen studied, and whose samples will be made available internationally by non-destructive procedures.

Before a positive result, the sample provided for the study will become part of the archive of leading samples of the Lab. Before a NEGATIVE result, a negative report will be issued with the conclusions of the study carried out, and the sample will be discarded (we will only save the thin sections if any, for didactic use).  If you need a printed document, please, do not hesitate to request it.

As a general rule, the samples received will be cut and polished for study, so that part of them will be destroyed. It is not recoverable. If there is any fragment of a negative sample, it will be stored for 10 days in case you want to recover it, in which case you will bear the shipping costs, which must be made effective for shipment in those ten days. Otherwise, the sample will be discarded.


All those NEGATIVE samples that are NOT METEORITES will have only a negative report corresponding to the results of the geological study. Because they will be cut, polished and worked, they will suffer an irremediable destructive process. Despite this, be assured that if the sample is negative, it will be disposed if it is not claimed. Since it is natural and non-polluting material, they will be taken to the field again. They will not be sold, reserved, exposed or transferred to third parties, since they lack value for the purposes of the studies we carry out. For 10 days the remains of the sample (if any remain) will be available to the customer if he wishes to recover it, after payment of the shipping costs. If it is not claimed, the sample will be discarded. The client assumes this loss.

All POSITIVE samples, which ARE SUSPECT METEORITES, are to be kept in the Laboratory, may not be sold, although they may be transferred to third parties. The samples must remain in the Laboratory, since they are the proofs that establish the petrographic report (for this reason it is important to send only one sample, and not the complete rock). It is the client’s guarantee that their rocks are completely authentic and that the report issued to them is completely real. We remember that this procedure is completely common in any process of this nature. It is normal and estimated in scientific procedures and to resolve any legal circumstance that may arise.

Remember that only the samples sent will remain in the laboratory, the rest of the meteorite that is in your possession, is entirely yours for all legal purposes, and you can do with it what you consider most useful. You have the report that we will issue to you. 


METEORITES LAB is a research center officially recognized. The documents issued by the Lab have a serial record, and are sealed.

Although they are PDF documents (they are issued and sent electronically), they have a check and authenticity digit registered in the laboratory. You can print your reports as many times as you need, but remember that they are only valid for the samples analyzed, only and exclusively.
The certification issued by the laboratory has international validity, and is recognized by education, research, government centers and by the main international collectors and associations. 


The initial study has concluded, the result is positive and the rock is a METEORITE. What can he do now?

The appropriate thing would be to officially classify the meteorite in THE METEORITICAL BULLETIN and THE METEORITICAL DATABASE, so that the international community recognizes it and can serve as an official research sample AND ACQUIRED AN ELEVATED ECONOMIC VALUE. The classification process undoubtedly causes the meteorite to increase its economic value. For classification we will send you the information you need privately (Extraction of deposit sample, process, analysis, institutions that do it, prices, etc ...)

The other option is to sell the meteorite. Unclassified meteorites have a much lower value than an officially classified meteorite, for which reason it is advisable to start the analysis and classification process as soon as possible, submit documentation in The Meteoritical Bulletin and make the corresponding international official publication. However, this process can take months.

IF YOU WANT TO PRESENT A METEORITE TO THE INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION, ask us for information on what steps you should take, prices, Institutions that do it, analyzes that are needed, etc... This procedure is not included in this certification program, in the case of another different process , with different rates and conditions.


Definitely not. In some cases, a cut meteorite offers even greater aesthetics and credibility than an uncut one, since the beauty of the meteorites is often inside.

It is usual to find cut meteorites in collections and museums, as well as cut pieces, more even than complete specimens.

All certificates issued by the PETROGRAPHIC LABORATORY are registered and stamped by it, with its authorship and rights reserved. Samples provided in guarantee of said certificate are available for non-destructive scientific research.


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