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Now in the laboratory we have available some products that may be of interest to you in the work of learning more about meteorites. To make a purchase, send us an email to indicating the products you are choosing, quantity, and shipping information.

All purchases will carry an additional cost of 10 euros in shipping costs for Europe (15 euros for other countries).

We will send you the data to make the payment of the total of your order.


All customers have the right to purchase our items directly through authorized dealers.

In the case of distance sales, national or international, it is our duty to inform of the following conditions, which the client accepts unconditionally when confirming their order.

METEORITES LAB makes all shipments by CERTIFIED MAIL through the state service CORREOS Y TELÉGRAFOS DE ESPAÑA, S.A. ( and we provide them with the scanned shipping document and / or tracking number through the postal website.

In this way, the shipment will be certified from origin. From this moment on, METEORITES LAB is not responsible for deposited shipments, understanding that the client accepts and assumes any risks in the transit of shipments until they are received. Any incident must be resolved directly with Correos España. We are not responsible for any negligence on the part of the Correos service (losses, delays in deliveries, damages, etc.)

METEORITES LAB will not make returns for shipments lost or in poor condition (due to incidents of the transport and shipping company).

The percentage of risks of loss or misplacement of shipments is barely 2%, so we cannot absolutely guarantee the delivery of the same. The customer assumes this risk on his own and declares accepted these conditions with the acceptance of his order.

For any return, the customer has 15 calendar days to make it. They must always be by the same means that the item was received, under the same conditions and at the customer's expense. Economic returns will be made in the same way that the payment was made.


No personal data of any customer will be processed. They will not be transferred or stored in any database. They will be used simply for the purposes of shipping the requested items and will be destroyed to ensure the protection of the items and the customers.


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